Build digital products faster & cheaper with agile near- and offshore teams

Staffing, onboarding, or a new MVP—we provide experienced and versatile teams that are ready to go on short notice


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In just a couple of weeks experienced developers, designers, product owners and more are available to build your product vision

In a few weeks experienced developers, designers, product owners and more are available to staff your team

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Finding skilled IT professionals is hard.

According to Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey, 72% of IT business functions are already outsourced. Outsourcing has proven itself for software development.

Hiring and maintaining an internal IT team is often expensive and does not offer much flexibility. That is why many companies tend to outsource.

To make your outsourcing experience as smooth as possible, let us help you understand which type of outsourcing will bring you the most benefits and guide you to successful collaborations by minimising risk.

Types of Outsourcing

Extended teams

Reduced final costs and more flexibility. Cheaper than hiring your own team – as recruitment costs time and money. You decide how many developers are needed – and for how many hours. Impossible with an in-house team.

In this model, we advise you on the best course of action based on your resources and requirements, and help you make the right technological and strategic decisions.
Managed Delivery
The crème de la crème of software house services. In this model, we design, develop and deliver software solutions that are fully tailored to your needs. So you don’t need any in-house IT capacity (or even any technical experience). We take care of everything.

Why Nearshore?

Very productive and convenient; no time zone issues, easy communication and few language barriers or cultural differences.

Why Offshore?

Less flexible but an attractive option because of the price. Due to time and possibly cultural differences, detailed control is required. That’s what we can guarantee with us as a partner.


Why MM-Solution?

We work with major German IT partners and are convinced that a great onboarding phase is important for the success of the project. That’s why we not only provide teams, but also accompany the process. Whether a new digital product or a current improvement: our experts have proven themselves.

Any other wishes regarding digital products? Call us and we will find a solution.

Yes, we work with
  • Java
  • Android
  • React
  • iOS
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Simfony
  • jQuery
  • SQL
  • Swift
  • Objective C
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Vue.JS
  • Wordpress
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • Windows servers
  • Full Stack
  • .Net
  • Salesforce
  • Cloud
Andreas Lanyi

Andreas Lanyi

Digital Leader & your partner


  • Identifying the needs to provide the right personnel

  • You choose: tight-knit teams are made available as required

  • We lead the onboarding of the professionals and the Sprint 0 to ensure the perfect start.

  • Product idea is developed by experienced product designers

  • PoC (Proof of Concept) is designed and developed

  • With the new findings, you decide whether the PoC should be further developed into an MVP.

  • Existing product range is analysed as due diligence

  • Support for product improvements

  • Ongoing analysis of the product offering, evaluation of KPIs, strategic roadmap

  • Experienced, tight-knit teams

  • First code within a few weeks

  • Outstanding quality in service and expertise

  • Highly specialised IT professionals

  • On-site work as required according to availability

  • Agile work

  • Reduced costs

  • Data protection compliance

Our Skills

Mobile Development



Server Architecture


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Frequently asked

How is the quality?

We make sure that experienced professionals are used. No beginners, no constantly changing teams. Knowledge is documented as required to prevent losing any expertise.

Why MM-Solution?

With MM-Solution as a partner, we build a team together and react flexibly to customer requirements. Whether it’s just improving an existing product, bridging a personnel gap, or researching and building an entire MVP, you’ve come to the right place.

Are there risks?

There are often warnings of risks involved in contracting nearshore and offshore personnel – and these are somewhat justified. That is why we exist, we want to place these teams transparently and fairly with companies in Germany by clearly identifying strengths and weaknesses and accompanying the entire process. This significantly reduces the risk, as you have a local partner who stands for you.

What does it cost?

It depends on the requirements, but near- and offshore teams are cheaper than teams from Germany. In addition, the teams are made available quickly and are versatile. That’s worth it.

How soon can we start?

Very quickly. In 4 to 8 weeks, your new team is already working on the project.

We’re ready to go, are you?

Get in touch and let us know what you need – no commitment.


Andreas Lanyi

Founder & Business Development

Mobil: +49 179 22 60 570